The establishment of the Functional Water Association of Taiwan was in accordance with the approval letter, Taiwan-Tai-Nei-She No. 1000053136, dated April 6, 2011, issued by the Ministry of the Interio

With the approval by the Ministry of the Interior on the application of establishment of the "Functional Water Association of Taiwan" submitted by initiator representative Mr. Ko Ming-Che and the initiators, and based on the regulations of the Charter, the initiators' meeting and first meeting of the Preparation Committee were held on November 5, 2010.​​​​​​
The 2nd Preparation Committee meeting was held on November 26, 2010. After more than nine months of efforts by the Preparation Committee, the Ministry of the Interior finally granted approval for the establishment of the Functional Water Association of Taiwan in 2011.​​​​​​​

The objective of establishing the Functional Water Association of Taiwan is to integrate the industry and gather industry experts to provide better opinions and technologies, together establish the standards for our association's water quality, and to safeguard the quality of drinking water for the people.
Currently, Taiwan's drinking water is delivered to households from the reservoirs through tap water pipes, and its water quality is ensured by boiling or water purification. This is in fact part of functional water, which is treating natural water with water purification, transforming it into drinkable functional water. This includes electrolysis, adding substance or high temperature and pressure treatment. The properties of the organic water generated based on different treatment methods are highly different too.

In respond to changing living environment, using water purification equipment in our daily life has become a global trend. In the past, Taiwan did not have a certification mechanism recognized by the consumers to determine the water quality of water purification equipment. Since the establishment of the Functional Water Association of Taiwan in 2011, it has been actively promoting water quality-related WT (Water Taiwan) certification regulations, for consumers to scan the QR Code label using their mobile phones, to ensure the water quality, and have better peace of mind.​​​​​​
To help its members expand international market, the Functional Water Association of Taiwan actively organizes international trade shows, encourages members in participating in world exhibition, and exchange with other countries, so as to deliver their product information and publicize their companies, and attain marketing effectiveness.Since 2016, it has been participating in international trade shows in India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Netherlands, etc., actively expanding international market and connecting to the international arena.​​